Jordan Higgins: BagpiperPrior to settling into a career in web site design and development, I studied music composition and technology at Radford University. My primary interests were in jazz and minimalism. Among my musical influences are Frederic Chopin, Erik Satie, Béla Bartók, George Crumb, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Stanley Jordan and Pat Metheny.

I started playing piano when I was 8, took up flute and guitar around 11, bagpipes in high school. I'm working on gathering and converting my musical archives, but in the meantime offer up this embarassing high shool photo and these three tracks that were recorded at the DC International Improvisation Festival. I'm playing flute with my friend Peter Princiotto on bass along with a percussionist who was there when we showed up. We're improvising to back up a GWU experimental dance group. My memories of this event revolve around one of the dancers chewing on my shoe at one point.

I haven't agreed to improvise for dancers since.




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